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Mar 12, 2016


Gram Central Station Mix Volume 1 (Elevated)

Smoke Weed Everyday (Rasmus Hedegaard Remix) - Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog
Roll Your Slow feat. Lickweed (Original Mix) - Boifrenz
Smokin' Them O.Z.'s (Baby Bash, Ray Dogg & Total Devastation) (Original Mix) - Jay Tee N Baby Bash
Weed, Hoes, Dough (Original Mix) - Drag-On
Smoke Some Weed (Original Mix) - Ice Cube
Backyard Smoker (djcruMbs Shit To Do Mix) - Goulet
Gin N Chronic (Original Mix) - SAVOY
Stoned Love (SunburnKidz vs The Supremes) - SunburnKidz
Funkee Joint (Original Mix) - Pressure Drop
Papa Do It Sweet (Original Mix) - Blasta
Hemp Hemp Hooray (Original Mix) - Total Devastation
Puffin the Dragon (Original Mix) - DJ Quik
Party In My Body (Black Grass Remix) - Robert Strauss
Da Soopa Doopa (Original Mix) - Total Devastation
Elevated  Feat. Smoke DZA, Jonny Goood N 3rd Ave (Original Mix) - Raven Felix



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